Up Coming Events

MNCOGI is excited to be taking part in two upcoming Data Practices events:

Police Body Cameras: A Public Conversation about Data Privacy

Wednesday, April 29 – 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. at Dorsey & Whitney LLP, 50 South Sixth Street, Suite 1500, Minneapolis

With constitutional amendments and legislation currently pending, the Humphrey Policy Fellows are putting together a multi-panel discussion to examine the issue of policy body cameras from police, legislative, and civil rights perspectives. The civic rights panel will include MNCOGI Legislative Chair Matt Ehling.

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DPA Workshop with Tech.MN, Open Twin Cities, & MNCOGI

Monday, May 11 – 06:30 to 8:30pm at CoCo Downtown Minneapolis – 400 S 4th St # 400, Minneapolis

This free workshop co-hosted by Tech.MN, Open Twin Cities, and MNCOGI, will provide an overview of the Minnesota Data Practices Act as it relates to your rights as a citizen around requesting and obtaining various public datasets. This event will include presentations by MNCOGI board members Don Gemberling and Bill Bushey.

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Democratic government is possible only if individuals have access to the government information they need in order to hold their government accountable.

Government at all levels has a responsibility to promote public participation by support of open access to all public government information.

Government information, regardless of physical form, must always, to the greatest extent possible, be available to the public. Government information is broadly defined to include all data held by the government including databases, information accumulated from raw data, documents, reports, maps and other publications, and all forms of correspondence.

Creation and preservation of government information that documents governmental operations are fundamental parts of assuring government accountability.

Research and public education about access to and availability of government information are essential to preserve and improve public access.


To assure the vitality of these principles, MNCOGI carries out or encourages the following activities.

MNCOGI promotes public knowledge of laws and principles regarding open access to government information by:

  • Maintaining and updating a website with links to resources and directions about how to use Minnesota’s law;
  • Posting a blog for discussion of issues about access to government information; and,
  • Operating a speaker’s bureau to provide public presentations on access to government information.

MNCOGI informs individuals and organizations concerned about open access to government information by

  • Sponsoring “COGI-tations,” a series of presentations by subject matter experts;
  • Promoting and supporting research on these topics; and,
  • Linking with parallel efforts at the federal level that support Minnesota activities.

MNCOGI collaborates with other organizations to enhance participation in the affairs of government, particularly with regard to public access to government information, by

  • Building a coalition of organizations and individuals that promote MNCOGI principles;
  • Critiquing legislation, and,
  • Evaluating government’s compliance with state law and principles of open access.

MNCOGI recognizes a commitment to openness in government and the public right to know through the awarding of the John R. Finnegan Freedom of Information Award on FOI Day, March 16.

MNCOGI seeks grants and conducts other fundraising to increase the visibility of information access issues in the Minnesota community as a whole and in individual communities.


American Library Association – 2005 Eileen Cooke State and Local Madison Award